You are invited to celebrate the launch of Ten Year Career: reimagine business, design your life, fast track your freedom, with a free webinar that covers:

  • The five factors that inhibit entrepreneurs
  • The four-step Ten Year Career framework by which to map your business
  • Establishing where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and what to do next
  • The opportunities and pitfalls of each stage, and how to progress to exit

If you ever feel unsure of the next step, stuck with your business in any way, or want to progress faster, this is for you.

Building a business can be confusing. Entrepreneurs aren’t sure whether to keep control or delegate and automate, say yes or say no, work all hours or prioritise work-life balance. They take advice from all directions and wind up feeling overwhelmed and overworked without a finish line in sight.

What if it could be simple? 

What if you knew exactly what to do and when, and weren't sidetracked or confused by well-meaning advice or the paths of those around you.

I'm really excited to share the Ten Year Career methods to help you succeed bigger and faster. 

See you in the workshop!

~ Jodie 😊